How to use our stones

Our stones have incredible power, which has been confirmed by hundreds of people!

Our stones are from places of power in Mexico, from cenotes on which shamans have been performing ceremonies for centuries. Where people come with queries and receive answers and healing.

*One of the beliefs of the Mayan Indians: touch the little finger of your right hand to a bag with a stone, ask it for everything you want and everything you need, and in one moon you will receive these gifts.*

They also said that a stone is strong only when part of its place is also in the bag! This is dust. Therefore, the bags were not moved from place to place and were handled very carefully.

If you really need this bag with this stone and you are ready to endow it with the power of faith, consider it already yours.

Further everything according to the instructions🤝

The power of the stone begins to work from the moment of interest, so it is already working for your benefit🙌🏼

Choose the category and get perfect amulet for you!

Stones Set:

The healthiest, happiest and richest family.

It is enough to believe in the stone of one of you that the whole family will have health, happiness and wealth!
Just touch him, please.
The energy of the stone is already in you🙌🏼

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Happines in a house!

Coming up to me and touching me every morning, say these words to yourself: My home is prosperous and full of happiness. My home is happiness. We are happiness. And the house shall be filled with it🙌🏼

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The house where LOVE lives!

The stone will teach you to love yourself, value yourself, respect yourself.
And then you will learn to love, appreciate and respect others.
And touching it every morning you will not even notice you plunge into the atmosphere of absolute love that overflows your home🙌🏼

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«Health in the house»

A moral pact with a rock!
Every morning, tell him what you can do today.
Give up bad habits for a day or go for a walk. And without cheating!!!
And on the second Moon you will not recognize your home and yourself🙌🏼

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Luck to the household!

Luck is not just coincidence! Luck is the mercy of the universe.
This is a series of events that can lead to irreparable consequences. And only a wise person can cope with it!

Your left palm touches a bag with a stone every morning and whatever you touch afterwards will give you the desired🙌🏼

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Success in the Home!

Success is an accident multiplied by circumstances.
But it can be controlled with a stone.
Accidents can be looped into an endless circle of successes.

Touch the stone every morning and say "my house is full of success!
Success is here in my home!
There’s success around me! "
So let it be🙌🏼

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