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Stones of power

Wealth in the Home

Wealth in the Home

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"Wealth in the Home" 

The most complex and expensive stone. Only a few will manage it and stay atop wealth. It's a dark stone in the hands of the greedy and a bright one in the hands of the wise. It's endowed with the immense power of the deepest cenote on the planet. Strong figures of the world fly to that place for ceremonies with a very old shaman. And they ask to give them the strength to bear their burden. If you've entered this category, it means you're confident in your abilities. Touch the stone every morning with your right hand, hold for a minute, and then kiss your hand. By the second Moon, you'll see the full power of the stone in your wealthy home 🙌🏼

"You're my pouch only, tied to you by fate. The stone has strengthened power, endowed with mighty faith. Now we are one with you, faith, strength, and goodness!" 

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